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Yoga for Beginners

beginner yoga class

Yoga for beginners is intended for those who want to start doing yoga but do not have any knowledge or experience of it. Yoga for beginners is a form of workout based on the principle that the breath and body are closely related with the mind.

Our body has numerous joints that need movement and lubrication. It is important that we get the right exercise and learn how to do it correctly. In our everyday life, some of our joints are strained or seldom used which may create problems later in your life. The food that we take provides the lubrication and Yoga and other actions provide the movement. If you want to maintain the healthy condition of your joints then basic movements are important. They are helpful in preparing your body for Yoga.

So what are the other benefits of yoga? When you relax your body all your muscles also calm down excluding those that are used in the movements. So you can easily focus on the movement of a particular muscle. The elderly or persons with ailments can also do these movements without getting an injury or sprain.

Try to do yoga daily for at least for 30 – 45 minutes. It is best to do it during morning hours, but it can be done in the afternoon, four hours of eating your meal. It is not safe to do yoga with a full stomach. Persons who are below 12 years old should not hold yoga poses for long periods.

Make sure the place you practice your yoga is spacious, bright, clean, well ventilated and away from disruptions. Namaste!


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